Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gifts of Christmas

There's something undeniably special about Christmastime. It's a season of beloved songs and stories, of treasured memories and traditions. People of all faiths and cultures can sense that something changes for the better at this time of year. In the most personal and intimate ways, Christmas brings people together.

And yet, for this very reason, Christmas can also be a time of profound loneliness for some. What brings joy and cheer to some families reminds others of what they lack. So many are in need, so many could use some cheer, so many wait for a visit, an invitation, a phone call—especially during this season. After all, noticing the needs of others and reaching out to them in love is really what makes Christmas so special.

No matter our circumstances, we can reach out in love to others—especially those who may be forgotten or lonely. Buying a present for someone is easy. But being present for someone is almost always more meaningful. More than a gift or a card, they need you—your loving concern, your kindhearted inclusion, your time. These are the greatest, most meaningful gifts of Christmas. 

Lloyd D. Newell

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