Saturday, December 17, 2016

little by little

Every time the sun sets, it rises in the morning and sheds new light on yesterday's shadows.  Whether a new century or a new day, life presents countless opportunities to begin anew.  No matter our age or circumstance, today is a new day, and so is tomorrow.  Think how wonderful that is!

While yesterday—and all of history—are valuable for the lessons learned, the experience gained, the memories made, each new day contains the promise of a fresh start.  We take hold of this promise by learning from the past and living in the present—with bright hope for the future.

A young woman devotes many hours to researching family history, because she believes that only by understanding the past can we really improve upon it.  She gains appreciation and is better able to face the problems of the present by taking time to look back.  Such reflection gives her the courage and insight to set goals and persist in achieving them.

If we are to begin anew, we can neither ignore the past nor abide in it.  We move forward by remembering yesterday with its triumphs and tragedies, and by living today to the fullest.  Richard L. Evans offered some timely advice:  "Go ahead with your life, your plans, your preparation, as fully as you can.  Don't waste time stopping before the interruptions have started.  Keep going forward, and keep your heart comforted, with courage and faith in the future.  The wise keep learning, keep preparing for life, and don't let uncertainties dissuade them from moving forward."

Life gives us abundant opportunities for a fresh start.  In a sense, each beginning is no different from any other.  A new school year, a new job, a new city, friendship, or phase of life—all take some getting used to.  But when we embrace the change and welcome the opportunity for growth, we live more fully and discover interests and talents that might otherwise have gone undeveloped.

Yesterday's stumbling blocks can become today's stepping-stones.  And little by little, as we go forward with purpose and hope, our new beginning will become a new way of life.

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