Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lessons from Braided Bread

I just learned that I spent three years on someone's "to do" list.
That has to be some kind of record somewhere. 
A wonderful woman from my former stake has had "bring Hilary homemade bread" on her "to do" list for three years. THREE YEARS!!
I would have crossed me off after three days.
But not this woman. Last Monday at 5:15, she dropped off TWO loaves of warm, homemade bread. Braided bread. It was delicious. As we sliced the bread for dinner, I thought about the lesson in the bread. One lesson stood out to me…
It is never too late.
After hearing me speak at our stake Relief Society Women's Conference three years ago she decided she would like to drop of a loaf of thank you bread. But she didn't get around to it until now. I thought of the countless times I have considered writing a thank you note and after putting it off for an embarrassingly long amount of time, I just took it off my list. "Oh, they won't remember anyway. I'm sure they know of my appreciation." I thought of the many phone calls I should have made, but had passed on simply because time had passed by. "It's too late. I'll call next time."
The chances of me delivering kindness three years after the fact is about as slim as me making my own braided bread. Sad on both counts.
But not her.
She came through.
I'm so grateful for the bread. I'm so grateful for the example. I'm so grateful for her.

Hilary Weeks

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